Network Management Services

Network is an IT backbone of today’s business whether it is wired or wireless, local or wide area network hence it’s critical that the IT network is designed and managed to its optimum level so that it adds to the business performance. The IT network is bound to get complex as businesses of today are having multiple footprint, large work force, centralized applications and different devices which leads to high management costs.

Techcomp solutions provides Network Management Services which includes designing technically feasible network architecture, building robust network layer, monitoring incidents, and supporting networks.

Network Management Services are an optimal solution for providing well defined, proactive, cost-effective and professional support for an enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Techcomp Solutions has helped enterprises in reducing complexities related to network architecture and cost. We can be engaged by enterprises for

  • Network Planning and Design
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Operations, Optimization and Maintenance

Wired & wireless Networking

We have core expertise in Wire & wi-fi Networking. We work with industry’s leader Network Companies to provide you state of the art Networking solution.

Voucher Management System

Random Users are a basic problem in specially hospitality sector they come use your wi-fi and go with your wi-fi password, you don’t have any check on these users. To resolve this kind of issue we have voucher management system where you can generate multiple users with restricted time bound access so that in any case there will be no default on wi-fi password hacking & other kind of internet usage threat for your organization.

Radius Management System

We have in house customize open source Radius Management System solution where you can have full control of your users what they are doing on the internet.

Other Services

Cloud Applications

Tehcomp Solutions is very much eager to be part of cloud revolution to achieve this we have developed some & in process of developing more generic cloud based applications for the specific sectors of the economy.

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Web Based Solutions

World wide web is now become an integral part of any business. Websites & blogs are treated as very beneficial tool for marketing as well as information sharing.

Techcomp provides complete Web solutions from domains to websites we have inhouse creative and development team to cater all the needs of our esteemed customers.

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Security and Access Control

Security is the foremost important for any organization. Threats are everywhere. You cannot forecast threats, to monitor & to restrict threats you have to make your organization's security foolproof.

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IT Infrastructure Solutions

Businesses grow fast so their IT Infrastructure needs grow faster. IT in current scenario is the critical part of any enterprise so its Design & Implementation is also very critical as it all required an expert advice to how your IT infra will be designed & implemented. Our Team having core expertise in Designing & Implementing IT infra will always take care that your IT Infrastructure will cater not only your present needs but also your future needs so that you don't require sudden changes as your need increases.

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IT Store

Computers are the basic need for any business, through our IT Store we provide all types of IT Hardware & software to our enterprise customers. Our IT store works as a warehouse for our customers where we maintain a just in time inventory to cater the immediate need of any IT hardware requirement so that our customer can have minimal downtime. We also resell, repair, upgrade & buyback all IT hardware so that our customers should not take any pain as far as IT hardware is concerned.

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